Allowable solutions consultation

DCLG are consulting on a framework for allowable solutions as part of the move toward zero carbon in 2016.

Not too many surprises on the four ways they suggest zero carbon can be met. The proposals are to
allow housebuilders to meet the zero carbon target by:

•Undertaking 100% carbon abatement on site or through connected measures, such as a heat network
•Meeting carbon reductions through off-site actions such as improving other existing buildings, renewable heat or energy schemes, or by building to a higher standard than current Part L requirements
•Using a third party allowable solutions provider to deliver carbon abatement measures for them. In most cases the third party body would be a private sector organisation, but local authorities might also offer such a service
•Paying into a fund that invests in projects that will deliver carbon abatement on their behalf. The payment would be based on a fixed price, which would be subject to review from time to time.

Nothing earth shattering, but certainly food for thought. The most surprising aspect may be the proposal to establish a national fund for the collection of allowable solutions payments, as opposed to developers paying into a local fund. I’m sure a number of LPAs will be skeptical of plans to recycle money to local areas from a national pot of money given the paucity of information on how funding would be allocated, but let’s wait and see.


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