New Retrofit for the Future Award

The 2013 Building Futures Awards sees the introduction of the new Retrofit for the Future award category, kindly sponsored by Saint-Gobain Weber Ltd.


The introduction of this new award signals the importance of improving Hertfordshire’s existing building stock and recognises the steps already taken by many across the county to improve properties so they are more comfortable and enjoyable places to be and have improved environmental credentials .


The Retrofit for the Future award will be given to the project that has shown to improve the quality and environmental performance of the building and has extended the life of the building. The award is open to residential and non-residential buildings as well as other elements of the built environment, for example public open space improvement projects.


If you want to shout about a project that has improved the quality of life of occupants, enhanced its surroundings and contribution to place, reduced its environmental footprint, or has enabled the demands of a changing climate to met then simply visit, and download and fill out the application form.


The deadline for entries is 27 September 2013 so don’t prevaricate, just nominate!

Imprimer       2013 logo web


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