A great animation launched by Susdrain to promote the benefits of Water Sensitive Urban Design.

 The animation raises the issues that urban areas face today and the proposed solutions that could reduce the adverse effects from these issues.

WSUD proposes creating a beautiful, successful and resilient urban environment where the relationship between water and the urban area should be given a higher priority. An integrated solution to flood risk management including sustainable water use and supply is proposed with the animation providing an overview of Sustainable urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) that can be implemented to reduce the pressure on sewers.

SuDS solutions proposed for houses are permeable surfaces such as pavements, roads and driveways. Using grey water solutions to reduce water consumption such as using sink water to flush a toilet. The combination of green roof and rain garden systems are used to reduce runoff and provide an urban habitat as well as maintaining plant life. These SuDS options could reduce the pressure on sewers; reduce pollution as well as flooding downstream.

The results that Water Sensitive Urban Design aims to meet are a reduced flood risk, greater water security, improvement to ecosystems and the reduction of the urban heat island effect.



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